Point of Sale (POS)

The POS or Point of Sale is an innovative payment process which enables you to accept Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards as a form of payment at your business establishment.


 Acceptance of Local and International Visa and MasterCard payments
 Transactions automatically credited to your bank account on the following working day
 Option to audit transactions online
 No POS Machine Rental Fees


 No initial investment required
 No software nor installation fees involved
 Free servicing of equipment and paper roll receipts
 Increased sales
 Guaranteed payment
 Enhanced security due to cashless transactions
 Greater margin of profits
 Competitive edge gained by accepting credit and debit cards
 Production can be viewed on Corporate Online under the POS module
 Can be configured in US or Belize dollars


 Approved Application and Contract
 Checking account with Atlantic Bank
 Corporate Online Banking
 Telephone line