Commercial Lending

Your business financing needs are always evolving! Why shouldn’t your credit options? Learn more on how to access capital for business financing.

Recommended for:

 New or existing viable enterprises
 Purchase of real estate
 Construction – materials and labor
 Purchase inventory
 Working Capital

Requirements for Service:

 Visit any of our branches to see or make an appointment with a Credit Officer.

Product Features

 Attractive Interest Rates
 Flexible re-payment time
 Insurance coverage on loans

Terms of Service:

 A valid Social Security Card or passport.
 Be between the ages of 18 and 65 years.
 Proof of Repayment capacity.
 Company Legal Documentation / List of Shareholders / Certificate of Registration, Compliance/Resolution
  to Borrow.
 Business Plan/Feasibility Study
 Audited Financial Statements – Income and Expense Report, and Balance Sheet
 Documentation on guarantees to be provided

Find the right credit solution for YOUR business needs with Atlantic Bank!