Corporate Online

Real-time, online banking services. Access and manage business accounts anytime and from anywhere.

Audit or reconcile your business finances, access real time account information, pay bills online.

Corporate Online Banking is recommended for:

 Sole Proprietorship
 Limited Companies
 Non-Governmental Organizations
 Religious Organizations

Explore Corporate Online Banking features at your disposal:


 Reconcile business bank accounts anytime with updated account information.
 View account details and statements for your business by date or categorized by transactions with the option to
 download file.
 View breakdown of balances, details of uncollected funds and amounts on hold.
 Inquire into your electronic payments and collections received by our offices on your behalf.


 Transfer between accounts: Easily transfer funds between your linked business accounts.
 Third party transfers: Easily transfer funds from your bank account to any other Atlantic Bank account.

Bill Pay and Third Party Payments:

 Pay utility bills online. Transactions are real time avoiding the risk of disconnection once company bills are paid
 by the due date.
 Place third party payments for your Social Security Contribution, GST or GOB Income Tax and attach your
 respective form online.
 Print receipts for all transactions instantly.

Corporate Payments:

 Improve productivity and cash control by submitting company accounts payable electronically.
 Process your company payroll without preparing or issuing a single check! Submit your company payroll
 Employees have immediate access to their salary.
 Place payments to suppliers, contractors and other third parties.

Corporate Collections:
 Reconcile corporate collections received at Atlantic Bank offices or through Atlantic Online.
 Eliminate manual reconciliations, reduce errors and update accounts receivable information
 Upload and update your accounts receivable database online
 View a downloadable electronic report of all payments received

 Place stop payments

Advanced Safety Features
 The Advanced Safety Features scheme of Atlantic Online enables you to enjoy greater peace of mind when
  carrying out your operations.
 Secure authentication through a token, which generates a new password every 20 seconds.
 Control of personnel access to online services and transactions through customer defined profiles for respective
 users (operator, verifier, authorizer).