Is there a fee associated with accessing the funds in my account at a different branch?

  • No, accessing your funds at any branch is entirely free of cost.

Savings Accounts

What do I need to open a savings account?

  • A valid Social Security Card or Passport. A birth certificate is accepted in the case of a child that does not have a Social Security Card or Passport.
  • Minimum initial deposit of $10.00, $20.00, or $500.00 depending on type of account being opened.
  • Proof of address (copy of utility bill).
  • For non-residents, 2 banker's references from established financial institutions with at least 18 months banking relationship and a valid passport.

What happens to the funds in my account if not used for a while?

  • An account becomes inactive after 1 year without any transaction, and the charge is $2.00 monthly.
  • It becomes dormant after 3 years without any transactions and has the same charge as an inactive account.
  • After 10 years it becomes abandoned property and is transferred to the Central Bank of Belize.

How do I reactivate an inactive/dormant account?

  • Visit your nearest branch to update your information and perform a transaction, such as a deposit or a withdrawal to keep your account active.

How do I close my account?

  • For persons living in Belize, a valid ID must be presented for savings account or all available blank cheques leaves for checking account.
  • For persons living abroad, an original notarized authority with clear and proper instructions is required to close the account along with a notarized copy of passport. If proceeds are to be remitted to another individual, that person must present a valid ID.
  • Any accounts closed within 90 days after being opened will carry a service charge of $27.25.

How much do I need to leave in my account?

  • All Savings Accounts and Super Junior Savers should have a minimum of $10.00 to remain in the account at all times.
  • Personal Checking Accounts require a minimum of $150.00 and Corporate Checking Accounts require $200.00.

Why is the Debit (ATM) Card not issued the same day?

  • Our process involves generating system-assigned PINs, which requires three working days for completion.

Can I choose my own PIN?

  • No, PIN numbers for Debit Cards are system generated. Therefore, you cannot choose your own PIN.

Is there a charge to use my Debit Card at ATMs?

  • No, once the card is used at any of Atlantic Bank's ATMs or any P.O.S terminal, there is no charge.
  • If the card is used at any other bank's ATM there is a charge of $3.00 plus 0.33% of the amount withdrawn. This charge is not levied by Atlantic Bank but rather by the other bank as a fee for using their ATM.

How do I request a replacement for my Debit (ATM) card/PIN?

  • You can visit any of our customer service representatives at any of our branches to fill out a replacement form or through the Contact Us once logged into Atlantic Online.

What is cost of replacement card/PIN?

  • The card replacement fee and / or PIN reprint is $10.00.

Do I pay an operating charge or fee to operate my savings or checking accounts?

  • There are no service charges for operating a saving or checking account.

What added value services do I get with my savings or checking accounts?

  • A FREE Visa/Mastercard Debit Card, The Visa/Mastercard Debit Card is accepted anywhere the Visa/Mastercard logo is displayed.
  • FREE GoMobile - Mobile Banking
  • FREE Atlantic Online - Personal Online Banking
  • FREE Atlantic Bank Mobile APP - Mobile Banking
  • FREE Bill Payments whether processed online or through our tellers.
  • Payments to Social Security and Government of Belize for taxes are also FREE of cost.

Checking Accounts

How can I re-order checkbooks?

  • Wallet type chequebooks include a form that is to be filled out, signed and returned to any customer service representative at any of our branches for processing. Wallet type chequebooks cost $3.30 and have 24 leaves. Double Wallet type chequebooks cost $6.60 and have 48 leaves.
  • Desk type chequebooks require written authorization by the business owner to be sent in for processing. Desk type chequebooks cost $16.35 and have 150 leaves.
  • Orders can also be sent via Online Banking through the Contact Us feature.
  • You can also place your orders via telephone, provided that a staff member can verify your identity.

How many cheques can I issue per month?

  • Personal Checking Account holders are allowed 10 FREE cheques per month. Corporate Checking Account holders are allowed 20 FREE cheques per month (Any additional issued cheques will incur a service charge of $1.00 per issued cheques).

When I deposit other banks' cheques into my account, when do the funds become available?

  • Atlantic Bank cheques that are deposited at the Belize City branches become available immediately.
  • Other bank's cheques that are deposited at any branch countrywide become available after two to three working days.
  • Any foreign cheques that are deposited at any branch become available after 23 working days.

How do I change my address?

  • Customers who operate checking accounts are provided with a change of address form on the back of their monthly statements. The form can be filled out and mailed in to the customer service representative at any of our branches.
  • All customers are welcomed to visit our customer service representatives at any of our branches to fill out the "change of address" form.

Time Deposits

What are the terms offered for a Time Deposit?

  • You can choose your Time Deposits based on a 3 months, 6 months or 12 months term.

What are the current Time Deposit rates?

  • We offer attractive rates which are negotiable depending on the amount and term. Visit any of our customer service representatives at any of our branches for more information.

Credit Cards

Can I view my credit card statement online?

  • As long as your credit card is linked to your Online banking you will be able to view your account balances Online. If your credit card statement is not linked to your online banking, send us an email with your request through our Contact Us.

Can I perform my credit card payments online?

  • Yes, if your credit card is linked to your Personal Online, you can make payments online FREE of cost. Once you have logged in to Personal Online you have two options to choose from.
    1. On the bottom left-hand corner, Under Quick Links, click on the Credit Card Payment tab and proceed to make your payment.
    2. On the top right-hand corner, click on the Menu icon, then Payment's tab and select the Credit Card option. Proceed to make your payment.

Is my credit card payment processed immediately?

  • Yes, all credit card payments are processed immediately, and your new credit card balance can be viewed instantly.

How do I qualify for a credit card?

  • You will need an employment letter that shows that you have been employed for more than a year and earning a salary of at least $1,000 monthly.

How does Atlantic Bank decide the monthly minimum balance?

  • Your monthly minimum payment is calculated at 8.33% of your ending balance plus interest and any other fees incurred.

What is meant by cut-off period?

  • The cut-off period is an assigned day, either the 10th or 26th of each month, that your monthly transactions are posted to your bill, if you have done transactions after your cut- off period it will be posted to the following month's bill instead.

What is a cash advance fee?

  • When you receive cash either through the teller or ATM, a cash advance fee, i.e. 3.5% of withdrawn amount, is assessed.

What other fees can be charged to my credit card account?

  • If you charge your card over your credit limit an over the limit fee of $25 will apply. If the minimum payment is late, a late fee of $25 applies and if you missed a payment an arrears fee of $25 will apply.

If I pay off my balance in full, how much interest will I pay?

  • The amount charged in interest is charged at the cut-off period but will be reimbursed to your account upon payment of your entire outstanding balances.

How do I check my balance between statements?

  • To view your balance, you can sign up at any Atlantic Bank office for FREE personal online banking services.

What should I do in the case that my credit card is lost/stolen?

  • To report a lost/stolen card, immediately contact Atlantic Bank's Main Office at 223-4123 anytime, day or night.

Online banking

How do I sign up for online banking?

  • You can visit any of our customer service representatives at any of our branches to fill out an application form.
  • For Corporate Online banking our sale officers countrywide can be contacted for a personal visit to apply for the service.

How do I receive my username and password?

  • After applying for Personal Online banking, the username and password are emailed to the applicant. The password can easily be changed after the first sign in. A soft token is required if a customer will use the third party option; if not then a four-digit PIN will be sent via email.
  • For Corporate Online banking a token and username are provided to the user in a sealed envelope.

Do I pay for online banking?

  • Personal Online banking is FREE of cost.
  • Corporate Online is FREE of cost. However, there are transaction fees for Payroll, Payments to Suppliers and Third-Party Transfers.

How do I add or delete an account from my online banking?

  • To add or delete an account simply send your request through our Contact Us on Atlantic Online or visit any of our branches countrywide.


How do I login to my Atlantic Online Personal Account?

  • To login to your Personal Online Account, use your assigned username and password to confirm your identity as the true owner of your account.

Why did we change the way a Personal user logs in?

  • The personal log in has been changed to add an extra level of protection to your accounts. The mini token or PIN along with your username and password identifies you as the true owner of your account. The secret questions are another method to help verify your identity in the case of a lost or forgotten password. The personal phrase and image authenticate our website to you, ensuring that you are on the correct Atlantic Bank website.

Do I need a mini token?

  • For the initial Third-Party Transfers or any other bank transfers conducted within a session, a miniature token or soft token is needed.

Do I need to pay for the mini token?

  • No, the mini token and soft token are both FREE of cost. However, if the token is lost, stolen, or damaged a replacement fee of $75 .00 will be assessed.

How do I change my password?

  • To modify your password, after logging in, go to the User Settings on the top right-hand corner, click on 'Change Settings.' Enter your current password and your new password. Re-enter your new password. New password must be 8 to 32 characters long.

How do I get a new password if it is forgotten?

  • Visit the Personal Login Page on any of your devices. Once logged in, select "Forgot Password." Input your User Information, then click "Reset Password." If you don't possess a token or if the provided information doesn't match, a visit to the bank will be necessary. You'll receive a temporary password via email. Enter the "Temporary Password" along with your "New Password", ensuring it is 8 to 32 characters, with at least one number, one uppercase, and one lowercase letter. Special characters are optional. Confirm your New Password by re-entering it and click "SAVE."

Bill Pay

What bills am I able to pay online?

  • Atlantic Bank offers FREE online bill pay. This includes Belize Electricity Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize Water Services, Centaur Cable Network, Central Cable Vision, Channel Broadcasting Cable, Coral Cable Vision, General Sales Tax, Government of Belize Income Taxes, Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Belize Social Security Board, Netking Communications, and Rialto Caribe.

Can I make payments to schools online?

  • Yes, Atlantic Bank offers FREE online school payments. These schools include Belize Elementary School, Pallotti High School, St. Catherine's Academy, St. John's College, Ladyville Technical High School, Sacred Heart College, Galen University, and University of Belize. To make a school payment, log in with your Personal Online account and go to the payments tab. Click on School Payment, then select the school you want to pay from the list. Enter the student number and proceed to make payment.

Can I use my credit card to make online bill payments?

  • Yes, you are able to make your Belize Electricity Limited, Belize Telemedia Limited, Belize Water Services, Central Cable Vision, Channel Broadcasting Cable, Coral Cable Vision, Netking Communications, St. Catherine's Academy, Sacred Heart College, Galen University, and University of Belize payments. Go to and roll over "Bill Pay with any Visa or MasterCard Credit Card" and select the service you would like. Then enter your customer number and the account number located on your utility bill or school invoice.