Payment Gateway

Atlantic Bank’s unique and innovative payment gateway is a secure solution with authentication and verification elements that allow customers to pay online and on real time. The gateway provides the hotel a secured avenue to collect credit and debit cards. This payment solution is a channel that can be added to mostly all reservation systems.


 Allows the hotel to process online credit card payments in real time
 Has a secure server encryption that protects customer information
 Provides virtual terminal that allows transactions to be entered manually
 Provides multiple payment options such as Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards
 Confirmation of payment is provided to customer and hotel


 Ability to offer customer online payment options
 Hotel receives online and real time payments
 No software nor installation fees involved
 Easy to use and includes technical support
 Provides fraud screening tools
 Allows access to an unlimited number of users at the same time for credit card transactions
 No wholesalers or third parties involved
 Ability to integrate CVV2 for authentication of cardholder information
 Production can be viewed on Corporate Online under the POS module
 Can be configured in US or Belize dollars


 A website and email address
 Approved Application and Contract
 Authorization gateway in secured environment
 Checking account with Atlantic Bank
 Corporate Online Banking