Letters of Credit

Establish strong business relationships with new international suppliers and buyers by protecting exports and imports with Letters of Credit from Atlantic Bank.

Letters of Credit are assurances that parties involved in trade agreements will meet contractual obligations. It can be stand-by (for a specified period - cases with customers that have open accounts) or documentary (one time import or export of goods).

Recommended for:

 Importers and Exporters that need to establish formal credit guarantees with foreign suppliers and buyers
 Importers and Exporters conducting business with foreign suppliers and buyers with little or no previous
  trading history

Requirements for Service:

 Visit any of our branches to see or make an appointment with a Credit Officer.

Product Features

 Receive Importer or Exporter assurance that contractual obligations will be met.

Terms of Service:

 Proforma Invoice along with Terms & Conditions of Agreement
 Listing of required documents, i.e. Certificate or Origin, Invoice, Bill of Lading, Insurance Certificate