Safety deposit box

Extra protection to safeguard your important documents and valuables! With a safety deposit box, you no longer have to worry about lost or stolen valuables.


Must be an existing customer who has a relationship of at least 6 months with Atlantic Bank Limited.

 Social Security Card or a valid Passport

Product Features:

 A guarantee deposit of $109.00 which is refundable at the termination or surrender of the contract
 if all keys are returned
 There is a yearly rental fee depending on the size of box (includes two keys for access to the box).
 Allows five (5) free visits per month, additional visits $6.50 per visit
 There is no fee charged if the holder of the safety deposit box appoints another person to have access
 to the safety deposit box.

Yearly Cost of Safety Deposit Box:

 Extra Small Safety Deposit Box (3 x 5) - $ 66.00
 Small Safety Deposit Box (5 x 5)- $ 88.00
 Large Safety Deposit Box (5 x 10) - $210.00
 Extra Large Safety Deposit Box (10 X 16) - $273.00