AtlaXpress is a service that allows customers to perform financial transactions conveniently at their neighbourhood stores. This service is available at gas stations, supermarkets, grocery stores and many other locations countrywide.

This service is available to both Atlantic Bank customers as well as non-Atlantic Bank customers. Atlantic Bank customers can perform their transactions by using an Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card or cash. The funds are automatically deducted from their saving or chequing accounts.

Non-Atlantic Bank customers can perform transactions simply by using cash.

* These three (3) services are available to ANY customer and DO NOT require an Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card or ID.



AtlaXpress Benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Accessible
  • Low Cost
  • Secure
  • Saves Time
  • Easy to use
  • Transactions are in real-time


AtlaXpress Service Fees:

When performing transactions using a card, the transaction amount and the applicable service fee is automatically deducted from the customerís account. For cash transactions, the customer pays both the transaction amount and the applicable service fee to the merchant.


AtlaXpress Transactions:

AtlaXpress makes it easy for you to perform any of these financial transactions at any store countrywide.


Withdraw up to $300.00 cash per day without making a trip to the bank.

Bill Payments

Make bill and school payments for any of these institutions:



Credit Card Payments

Make payments to any Atlantic Bank Credit Card using cash or your Atlantic Bank Visa Debit card. These payments are in real-time allowing you to have immediate access to your funds.


Purchase Top-Up for any of the local service providers.

Transfer Between Accounts

You can perform transfers between any of your savings and chequing accounts.


AtlaXpress Requirements:

Atlantic Bank Customers

 Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card
 Valid ID (Social Security Card or Passport
 The required information to perform the transactions (Eg. Student Account Number for School Payments)

Non- Customers

 The required information to perform the transactions (Eg. Account and Customer Number for Bill Payments)


AtlaXpress Merchants near you:

AtlaXpress is available at these businesses countrywide for your convenience:

AtlaXpress Merchant Locations