Recycling the waste a business produces will make a significant difference to our environment. Recycling paper is one of the easiest ways to help the environment while at work, but there are many other items that can be recycled. To formulate a recycling program you need to review some points and you will need some tips.

  1. Find out what all is considered waste in your workplace. Check to see if you have excess paper waste, if there is metal, aluminum or plastic waste that can be separated to be recycled.
  2. To be able to recycle that waste you will need to find out what can be recycled and who can recycle it. For your recycling needs you can contact the Belize Recycling Company. This company will take care of your paper, plastic, metal and battery waste. For more information call numbers 225-6080 or 225-6081.
  3. Keep recycling bins in all work areas; if you cannot do so then at least have one recycling bin for each department. Make sure you label your recycling bin so that it cannot be confused.
  4. If you will recycle paper, which is the easiest thing for workplaces to recycle, you will be able to include in the recycle bin items such as photocopy paper, writing and notepaper, manila folders and envelopes, text books, phone books, magazines and card boards.
  5. If it is confidential information you might want to consider shredding the papers before you toss them in the recycling bin.