Tips to Save Money When you Shop

  1. Use a menu plan to help you shop; it will save you much more since you won't buy unnecessary items and you won't find yourself taking various trips to the supermarket during the week to shop for what you will be cooking for lunch.
  2. Before you go to the supermarket always make sure you have had something to eat. If you go shopping and you’re hungry you will more than likely buy food items that look appetizing to you rather than buying what you originally went for. So save money by eating something before you go shopping.
  3. Before you go grocery shopping make a list of all the items you need. Making a shopping list will ensure that you get only what you need.
  4. Buy in bulk since it is cheaper. Do not buy easy to spoil food, such as bread, milk or meats, in bulk if it won’t be used immediately. Instead buy cleaning supplies, detergents and soaps in bulk. Not only will you save money but you will also be helping the environment. Bulk supplies usually use less material than their equivalent in smaller containers.
  5. If it is possible, try to visit the supermarket only once a month or at most twice a month. You get fewer things if you make only one trip to the supermarket rather than if you make four trips for the month.
  6. When you go shopping for clothes make sure you have a set budget for clothes and do not spend more than your budget. Before you go shopping, check in your closet to see what you have and what you really need. To avoid buying unnecessary clothing, review what you will buy before you do so and ask yourself if you really need that piece of clothing, if you need to think twice about the response then probably it is not worth buying.