Tips to Prevent Fraud

Credit card fraud is on the rise. Imagine opening your statement and discovering you owe a few thousand dollars more than what you really do. Horrible, isnít it? You can prevent this situation by treating your credit card and its information with extra care.

  1. Memorize your PIN number. Never write your PIN number on a piece of paper, it can get lost or stolen.
  2. Always check your card statements for unfamiliar transactions. You can do so by keeping all your receipts for card transactions and reconciling them to your statement. If you come across any unfamiliar transaction, report it to your card service provider as soon as possible.
  3. Donít allow anyone else to use your cards. Remember these people will have access to your card and PIN number. Be aware! They can later, with ease, use your cards without your authorization.
  4. Always shield keypad when entering your PIN at the ATM machines.
  5. Since your mail contains personal information, guard it from theft. Make sure you collect all your mail and properly discard those not needed.
  6. Always sign the back of your cards. Donít forget that signing your card adds to their many security features.
  7. If you are shopping online be sure the website you are visiting is secure.
  8. Never fax or email your credit card information to someone else. Remember your information can remain in sight of other people for a long period of time.
  9. Be sure you can see your card at all times when you hand it over to a salesperson or a waitress. They can obtain your card information simply by swiping your card on a machine that is designed to capture the information.
  10. Never leave your purse or wallet unwatched; your cards can be stolen.