Save by Recycling and Re-using

  1. Donít throw away your grocery bags; they can become perfect garbage bags for your bathroom garbage disposal bin.
  2. Re-use those empty soft drink bottles to store detergents or disinfectants. You can also recycle them and earn some money at the same time. Collect as many empty bottles as you can and take a trip to Bowen and Bowen and exchange them for some cash.
  3. Use the envelopes in which your letters and bills are enclosed in for writing your grocery list, this way you save on paper and notebooks.
  4. Donít dispose of bubble wrap and shoe boxes; instead store them for when you need to wrap a gift or to store your Christmas tree ornaments and other decorations.
  5. Reuse your old newspapers. Use them to protect car seats and floors, as a mat when polishing shoes, to dry and polish windows, for packing breakables and to wrap and store Christmas tree ornaments.
  6. Do not throw away baby clothes that your child has grown out of; instead store them and pass them down to your future children. You can also use rags from clothes to clean and dust your house. You will not need to buy any more bulks of cleaning rags.