As Atlantic Bank celebrates its 11th year of Art Competition, we are reminded that it started with the idea to encourage young artists to think creatively and explore their imagination. This year’s success has been much more than just art; the artists have managed to portray the true beauty of our country, Belize. This year’s theme, “The amazing thing about Belize is…” allowed the young artists to use vibrant and bold colours to showcase Belize’s unique culture, people, food, and places.

We wish to express our sincere appreciation to all our past and present Art Competition participants and wish each one of you a Happy Children’s Day. Your artwork reminds us of the fun and innocence of childhood and the happiness that you bring to our world.

We received many wonderful, colourful and fun pieces and although we wish we could showcase them all, we are excited to announce this year’s art competition winners. Thank you to all the artists that took the time to participate in the competition and congratulations to all our winners!