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Atlantic Bank Ltd. was established in Belize City on August 16th, 1971 with a staff complement of seven. Since the Bank's inception, our customers have been at the forefront of our institution and we strive to meet and exceed their needs. It is with this in mind that we work towards building the future together and developing the communities we serve.

We operate in all areas of finance both short and long term; destined for commerce, agriculture, export and import as well as in the areas of real estate, tourism services and others.

As a responsible corporate citizen, ABL contributes to the growth and development of the communities that we serve. We work closely with organizations that promote education, health, sports, culture, and environmental awareness. We uphold high ethical working standards and comply with the laws and regulations of Belize. As a good corporate citizen, we consider the best interest of all our stakeholders; and carefully assess the impact of our actions on the general public.

2015 Financial Statements

For a trusted financial services partner, you will choose Atlantic Bank. We are the preferred service-oriented financial institution, dedicated to providing a unique, superior customer experience. We are aligned to international standards of excellence with professional, committed and motivated staff. We achieve excellence by:

  • Providing local and international access to an array of financial products and services via a country-wide network of branches and a dynamic range of technology-driven channels.
  • Contributing to economic growth and social development in the communities we serve.
  • Creating an environment for empowerment, respect, meaningful participation, growth and development of staff.
  • Optimizing shareholder value through prudent financial management guided by ethical and moral standards.

As a customer-centric institution, we stand for service, excellence and innovation. We offer creative, value added solutions to exceed our customers' needs and expectations. We are actively involved in the development of the communities we serve and deliver optimum returns to shareholders. We provide our employees with an environment that upholds empowerment, motivation and professionalism.

We Act With Integrity
We are always honest and create trust by saying what we mean, doing what we say we'll do and taking responsibility for our actions.

We Believe in Family, Loyalty & Trust
We are more than just a company, we're a family; a family who is fiercely loyal and treats everyone with respect.

We Always Learn, Always Improve
While we may not be perfect, we are always learning and continuously improving.

We Serve with Dedication & Commitment
We are here to serve; we do so with humility and dedication.

We Have a Positive Attitude
We find the best in situations, working always towards a win-win solution.