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As an AtlaXpress merchant, you can provide financial transactions from the convenience of your business. This service will expand your customer base by providing additional services to your everyday customers. Offer this value-added service today and become the one stop shop in your neighbourhood!

This service is available to both Atlantic Bank customers as well as non-Atlantic Bank customers. Atlantic Bank customers can perform their transactions by using an Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card or cash. The funds are automatically deducted from their saving or chequing accounts.

Non-Atlantic Bank customers can perform transactions simply by using cash.

This service allows your customers to do the following transactions:

* These services are available to ANY customer and DO NOT require an Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card or ID.



AtlaXpress Benefits:

  • Attract new customers to your establishment.
  • Retain current customers by offering added value service.
  • Earn commission on AtlaXpress transactions.
  • Transactions are in real-time. The amounts are automatically debited and credited to your bank account.
  • Free equipment, training and free technical support.


Perform any of these AtlaXpress transactions:

The below transactions can be done by your customers:

  • Withdrawal

  • Customers can withdraw cash of up to $300.00 per day.

  • Bill Payments

  • Customers can make bill and school payments for any of these institutions:



Credit Card Payments

Customers can make payments to any Atlantic Bank credit card using cash or an Atlantic Bank Visa Debit Card.


Customers can purchase Top-Up for any of the local service providers.

Transfer Between Accounts

Customers can perform transfers between any their savings and chequing accounts.


Two ways to provide AtlaXpress Services:

  • AtlaXpress Web
  • This is a portal through which you can provide AtlaXpress services.All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection; Atlantic Bank provides the rest.

    With AtlaXpress Web, you will receive:

    • A web link to log in to the portal (Recommended browser: Google Chrome)
    • Card reader application
    • A token
    • A PIN pad
    • A POS printer along with paper rolls


  • AtlaXpress Mobile

  • This is a device through which you can provide AtlaXpress services. All you need is a mobile device, token and a stable internet connection.

    With AtlaXpress Mobile, you will receive:

    • A mobile device
    • A token
    • Receipt paper rolls


How does AtlaXpress work:


Requirements to become a Merchant:


Merchant Requirements:

 A high flow of customer traffic.
 A healthy cash flow to provide for the demands of the AtlaXpress services such as cash withdrawals.
 Have an assigned staff to attend to the AtlaXpress service at all times.
 The AtlaXpress service must be operated within the business hours of operation.

Bank Requirements:

 Have a business chequing account specifically for the AtlaXpress service.
 Initial minimum deposit of $1000.00.
 Maintain a minimum balance of $1000.00 in the account.