Atlantic Bank Donates to Typhoon Cycling Team

Atlantic Bank Limited is devoted to the sponsorship of community participation in sporting events such as the Typhoon Cycling Team. A contribution of $2, 700.00 was made towards the purchasing of the teamís jerseys. The team participated in the Cycling Tour of the Mayab Special Edition in Merida, Mexico from June 26 to June 29, 2008. This event featured three levels: Senior, Elite and Juniors.

Team member Jairo Campos, who is 18 years old came in first on the forth day event for the Juniorís edition. Campos overall performance won him forth place in the Juniors Edition.

The Typhoon Cycling Team proudly displayed the Atlantic Bank Logo on their uniforms and caps. The team is commonly known for participating in regional and international games in which they will be wearing the same jersey.

At Atlantic Bank, our mission is Responsible Banking, Intelligent Solutions. This is very important, as our philosophy mandates that we not operate solely to make profits but we consider and contribute generously to the economic, social and human development of the country.

For more information about the donation to the Typhoon Cycling Team please contact the Marketing Department at telephone number, 227-4123 at ext. 222, E-mail: [email protected].